Time to Wake Up Everyone

Wow, for those of you who have not figured it out yet… The year 2020, which as we now have experience is a transformational year. It is waking people up to the fact that they had enough… of abuse (mentally and/or physically), bias, racism, etc., which has been occurring for years. Why transformation because due to the events that are and will be happening in 2020, more people are viewing things not only with their brain (ego) but now utilizing their heart (God) to realize that killing, harming and judging someone just because you feel like it has consequences… because now “everyone” are going to put themselves into that person’s shoes thereby minimizing the need to judge others (look at the number of supporters to include businesses that says killing George was wrong), which “we” should not be doing in the first place because no one is perfect because if “we” were then we would not be on this Earth.

We create our own realities to teach others and ourselves (to think with their heart = God and not just the brain = ego = mechanics) and to learn lessons or pay back karmic debt (and then you put it on paper, e.g., books, videos, etc.,) to help others learn from your experience thereby contributing to helping humanity to help them grow.  Unless you’re that person’s creator, “NO ONE” should be judging “ANYONE.” because even the creator allows that person to judge themselves and then they can decide whether or not if they want to come back and do things differently or not because we are our own harsh critics, therefore when you judge others it comes back to you… and you may want to think about why you’re thinking negatively in the first place and work on fixing that issue (Law of Attraction) really does exist. Get a QHHT session or Forgiveness hypnosis therapy, your higher self would explain this process to you.

That is why it is called the year of transformation – more people are awakening and thereby will be speaking and walking in their truth. Do not be afraid of this change, rather embrace it and see what it is that you must transform about yourself.

In addition, stop complaining about things because you are the creator of your own reality and some of those things is the way they are supposed to be at that given moment, e.g., if you think it is too hot outside, it is that way for something that needs that heat and additional sun light at that given moment. Just like rain, instead of complaining about it… thank Gaia (Mother Earth) and the Lord for watering the grass, flowers and providing water for those who are thirsty.

Sometimes we have to share things so rather than worry about it, instead just think about how grateful you are that you woke up and just stay in the house until the temperature cools down or it stops raining. Whether you like it or not, WE ARE ALL CONNECTED, therefore if you really do not like someone or want to cause harm to them… look in the mirror and see how that person is somehow connected to you and figure out what it is that “You” have to transform and thereby changing “Your” thought process. Furthermore, the more you complain… the universe will give you more of the same! Love and Light… Lightworker Keta.

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