Have We Learned Anything in 2020…

Hopefully, this transformational year has taught us how to love ourselves again or a little more than we have in previous years.  If not, then it is time for us to do some major soul searching because we were provided this opportunity to do some critical thinking, while spending time by ourselves or with love ones.  If you were fortunate enough to spend time with your family, I’m sure that you’ve figured out by now that eating dinner with family, talking about your day and loving on each other was taking for granted prior to COVID-19 but now you are starting to enjoy their company and love each other all over again.  It’s sad that something like this had to take place in order for us to put down the phones, computers, etc., however now we can do some serious apologizing for not paying enough attention to our divine and/or physical family and ensure that it will NEVER happen again…  ***NOTE*** Please do not revert back to the old you after this is over, especially if you can relate to what I am saying because that would mean that you didn’t learn this lesson.

During this time, people have also lost love ones and some of them gained love ones via birth because this is what they agreed to do prior to coming to Earth; we decide when we would like to be born and when we would like to move on… however, we have to remember that sometimes when we lose a love one, they are crossing over to assist us with things that we agreed on together… (prior to being born or reincarnated) or maybe they decided to come back and live a different life…  Yes, I know that you do not remember these conversations but your Soul remembers everything, therefore you have to look at things from all perspectives.  Trust me, I have lost my Mom, Grandparents, Sister, Niece, etc… and now I am able to say that although I’ve lost them, I’ve gained Angels and therefore I know that they are watching over me and assisting me on my journey.

On another note, it’s funny how we can get caught up in the feeling of just wanting to be with someone or just wanting to be loved… however, the person that we’re with at the moment is not the right person for us.  Therefore, this is the time to figure out whether or not we want to keep suffering or do we just want to be happy and not settle for less.  We do live in a world of free will, therefore we can use that bright beautiful mind of ours for more than a hat rack and actually make some better choices this time around or maybe we’ve been with a person for a while and now we’re just now realizing that it is actually time to settle down with this person and put a ring on it… Choices, Choices… Whatever we decide, we have to make sure that we LOVE ourselves enough to want to be happy in every since of the word… because how can you truly love someone, if you do not love yourself… Therefore, repeat after me, I AM WORTHY, I AM LOVED AND YES, I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY… “I AM PUTTING MYSELF FIRST and I WILL NO LONGER SETTLE FOR LESS.”

Last but not least, we should never become complacent or stagnate because there is always something else to do, somewhere to be, somewhere to work and most importantly something else that we can learn.  If you’re in a miserable situation, always remember… People can only do to you, what you allow them to do and we create our own reality, so let’s try to pick up the pieces and see what is it that we must learn in 2020… It is time to take back our power people and I am going to start by living my best life… NOW.  Are you with me or not? Love and Light… Keta

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