Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters, Arch Angels, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, my Higher Self, ancestors and friends. Last but certainly not least the Universe, Gaia and my creator GOD…. are so wonderful because they are the true meaning of what family and friends are and they remind me all the time that “WE ARE ALL ONE.” No matter what color you are, male or female, gay or not… WE ARE ALL ONE (They NEVER judge you… You judge yourself because you are your worst critic), e.g., worrying about what others think or say about you… see what I mean.

Whenever, I call on them or not they are always around and trust me when I tell you that they send those Angel numbers like clock work… It’s so funny when I think I’m getting away with something, e.g., ducking and dodging something or simply trying to forget about something… here comes Angel number 1111, etc…. so Yes, Angels do exist, however because we have the choice of freewill, they cannot interfere with your life; at least not until you ask for their assistance. Do yourself a favor, when you do ask for assistance, do not be to direct e.g., if you need help with your finances ask them for assistance with money so that you can also help humanity because we were put here to serve others (those in need), therefore it’s not just about “You or I”. However, when you get the blessing stick to your word because it can be taking away and remember the Divine always know your intentions.

I lifted my vibration by meditating, praying, living in my truth and minimizing artificial sweeteners, drinking alkaline water, removing fluoride from diet (keep that 3rd eye from harms way) and removed meat… I just started back eating fish after 14 months, which according to Archangel Raziel (Alba Weinman YouTube video #345) is OK to eat, yeaaaaaaaa…

One of my personal experience… I remember one day when I was on my way to work, I called on the Lord asking him why did he allow me to be raped as a child. From the time that I got to work, I received over 50 angel numbers responding to my question. In addition, the next day when I fell asleep I woke up to “Yah Mo B There” (means God will be there) playing in my ear with a cool breeze blowing on my face… It was the most beautiful feeling and I felt so much Love… once I sat up in my bed, I smiled and whisper is that you Lord, it stopped and I laid back down and went right back to sleep… I knew I was protected and loved by the Divine from that moment on.

How about this… enough about me. If you had an experience, I would love to hear about it. Love and Light… Keta.

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