As of last year, I found out that I was awakening and that this is the lifetime that I am suppose to complete task within my life purpose, e.g., humanitarian and light worker duties.  For years, I have been seeing my birthday everywhere, e.g., clocks, license plates, building numbers, etc.  At one time, I thought something was going to happen to me because I was seeing the number everyday…  However, I did not know what, when or how but I knew something was going to happen around my birth date.  Now, I know that was not the reason for my experience.

The Divine was actually trying to reach out to me because it was time for me to awaken and fulfill my duties as a light worker and the duties aligned with my life purpose.  The number that was the exact replica of my birthday is called an Angel number.  I decided to research the number and actually found out what the number meant, however the key was that I had to acknowledge that I understood the meaning and how it applied to my life.  The next thing you know I started seeing 000-999, 0000-9999, 111-911, 1010, 1111, 1234, 234, 456, 789, etc., which are known as sequences or some may know them as synchronicities.

What I love the most about Angel numbers is whenever I ask the Divine, e.g., God, Cosmic and Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Gaia, Universe or Ancestors…. a question I always receive the answer via Angel Numbers, Fortune Cookies, Animal Totems crossing my paths or showing up in my dreams, or by “Picking a Card” via YouTube.

***Note*** The more you believe and acknowledge the more the Divine will show you… with that being said you have to ask a question and mean it without circumventing it with negative thoughts and watch the miracles appear… In addition, watch out for that car the cuts you off; look at the license plate or that ambulance or police car number on your favorite TV show…. do not worry your higher self will have your eyes focus on the exact number that holds the information that you need to help fulfill the journey to your life path successfully.

Do not be afraid because fear does not exist and there is no such thing as coincidences.  Just like when you were younger and your love ones told you that the Divine existed… you believed what they said and you prayed, said your blessing prior to eating, etc.  Therefore, just have faith and call on them because they truly exist. It is funny because I always know when I am being hugged by the Divine because all of a sudden it is hard for me to swallow.  Do not worry about what people say or think about you because your awakening is about you so open your heart and your mind for additional guidance from the Angelic realm… Love and Light … Keta.


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