My Story

Oh my goodness… It’s one thing to start off by saying that I am a rape survivor and it took me years to come to grips on why this happened to me at the age of 14 years old. On top of that I found out last year that I am a Master Builder 22/4; numerology, go figure. I always wonder why I was such a outstanding leader (putting my employees first), an extreme hard worker, great at putting things together and always educating people. Oh, and did someone mention manifestation (I must be hearing and seeing things… no really). I was created to be a master teacher thereby communicating my life experience to others and let me tell you… I can go on forever because I am a 22/4 (Master builder = old soul)… I remember one day I asked the Divine was I a 22/4 because when I researched it the information was overwhelming. However, the number 22 was shown to me over 20 times on the same day; first blog page published on 11/22/19.

I found out that all 22’s go threw dramatic childhoods in order to teach people about what they learned along the way. I also found out that you should never give the person that hurt you, power over you therefore push all of the past BS aside and carry on because you cannot let the ego destroy you by reliving the past. Furthermore, you cannot move forward in life without forgiving; no matter what happened.

What I’ve learned through my Divine family, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Forgiveness Hypnosis and my personal experiences:

  • If someone hurt you in any form of fashion, acknowledge it, forgive them and then let it go. As for me I had to admit what I’ve learned from the incident which was a part of my Karma. As for me (hence I had Karmic Lessons stemming from past lives…). Apparently, I had a habit of not paying attention to when my loved ones to include my Higher Self (intuition) gave me advice that will keep me out of harms way. The way Karma works in regards to lessons: an experience would happen in every reincarnation until you finally learn what the lesson is and learn how to prevent the same mistake from happening again (thanks Delores Cannon….).
  • During my QHHT session, I acknowledge the lesson, forgave my rapist and put it behind me (thinking about him or the incident, means giving him power over me and I cannot allow that to happen). Now I am in such a better place and this allows me to not go through the repeated lesson again… Oh, you’re waiting to hear what my lesson was…. I had a weekend job for the summer and in order to get there I had to walk down a hill. My Mom and Dad told me that I was never to walk down the hill by myself and to always take someone with me… Well, I happened to take the walk down the hill when everyone was sleep, although my intuition told me not to do it…. In other words, every past life I kept making the same damn mistake, which was not listening to my love ones and my Higher Self (intuition) and you know the rest… Furthermore, I was told by the Divine that it is now time for me to speak my truth because there are people that need healing, e.g., how can I help someone with their issue(s), if I have not experienced it or at least know of someone who experienced it; everything isn’t for or about you… Sometimes it’s bigger than you!!!
  • Another thing I learned was “WE ARE ALL ONE” because I saw myself in past lives as different people (color) during my QHHT session.
  • LOVE is the most important thing for everyone (the more I show kindness and generosity to others the better my life will be because of it).
  • Always help others in need, e.g., if someone is standing on the sidewalk begging for money. I cannot assume that this person is looking for money just to buy drugs, etc., it is my responsibility to help someone in need and not worry about what they are going to do with the money. In other words, serve humanity (the more you help others the more blessings you will receive)…. Do not judge….!!!
  • Don’t be jealous of others in any way form of fashion because that would hold your abundance and prosperity back. Always want the best for EVERYONE.
  • Meditate, prayer, belief in the Divine, true Love and acknowledging that fear does not exist will get you through anything.
  • Be nice and kind to others, being rude and obnoxious hurts you and only you, which spells Karma. Therefore, please be kind to everyone; your soul will thank you later.
  • Karma really does exist, e.g., if you do something in this life time that hurt others, this lifetime or next lift time you will experience Karmic Debt. If there is a lesson that you’re not getting then you will continue to experience challenges that teaches you the Karmic Lesson until you finally get it so that you cannot be hurt by the experiences of that lesson anymore…. Get it now.
  • I also learned that thoughts are powerful, so be very careful what you request from the universe or what you constantly think about, e.g., if a woman or man has a person in their life that is not good for them (verbal or physical abuser). When you finally break free of from them but then you constantly think about what happen to you or think about that person, then the Universe is going to send either that same person back to you or the same type of person back to you. For instance, do you ever hear yourself say, “Why do I always keep attracting or dating the same type of person.” The Universe thrives off of energy, therefore when you think about these things which in turn raises your energy, the Universe thinks this is something you enjoy and therefore give you more of the same. The same goes for finances, if you’re having a tough time financially, do not think about it, instead in your mind change it to something positive so that the Universe can receive your positive versus negative energy vibrations and give you more of the same and also, do the same when meditating… Get it, Got it, Great!!!
  • If you want abundance and prosperity in your life, then do what you LOVE doing. If you forgot then find out via a numerology reading your heart desires (soul urge = life purpose = vowels in your full name). It does not matter if other people believe in you succeeding as long as you believe in you. You can manifest whatever you want but have the confidence, good attentions and ensure that it will help others so that the Universe can assist you in your endeavors.
  • A lot of pain and diseases can be healed by visiting past lives and dealing with issues of your present life (forgiven yourself or others and letting go of things and people whom no longer serve you); QHHT, Forgiveness sessions, tarot reading etc., can help you with figuring this out.

I created this site to tell my story, if my journey help others along the way that’s great and I am glad to help. I want to thank Delores and Julia Cannon (QHHT), Alba Weinman, Ralph Smart, Felicia Bender, Victor Oddo, Ebony McAllister (MinxDiva), Jerry and Ester Hicks (Abraham), Patti Intoranat, Lori Jordan, Aaron Daugherty, Erin Mackley, Elayne Wallace, Dewayne Queen, Sonya Rivera, Oprah Winfrey and my Divine family for helping me find my life purpose and assisting me with awakening. This has been a long journey for me and as a Lightworker I still have a long way to go and a lot of people to help …. Love and Light, Keta.